Saturday, July 7, 2007

Pirate Master 7/5

Well, at least we still have the guy with the fake accent. The three most powerful guys seem to have something of a stranglehold on the win at the moment, though things like that always find a way of failing. I'm torn, because Jay is the only person playing hard enough to deserve the win, but I have a terrible weakness for rooting for the underdogs. Which leaves me in the curious position of not caring as much as I want to. I still can't get over how everyone is trying so hard not to play the game like pirates. Joe Don seems like he could be conniving, but then almost everytime he opens his mouth to talk to his competitors he says the most stupid thing possible. Plus he's a jerk, and now that he is making out with the slut girl (er, wench?) I can't say I find him terribly classy either. But if he goes, Louie won't be far behind, and at least he *looks* like a pirate and can make me laugh. Fake Accent Captain is just annoying me with his ego - I hate it when people get a bit of power and suddenly start feeling comfortable like they deserve it. Yeah right. But I will give him credit for picking Jay and blondie as his crew to keep them on his treasure-hunting team. Smart. But the crew needs to mutiny like now, just to see what happens, we've never really been told how that works.

But they kicked off the right person at least. Weak links are boring, even if they are nice. This is strategy folks, not just who you want to be BFF's with. If this show miraculously makes it to another season (has anyone been paying any attention to ratings?), the producers need to sit the contestants down and give them a good talking-to about strategy. Pirates! You are Pirates for crying out loud!

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