Sunday, July 22, 2007


So, NYC. We had a great time with friends. Tiffany was gorgeous! I loved her hair short, but now I remember why I liked it long back when we first met. And without giving away all her secrets, let's just say I am totally jealous of all the cool people she gets to meet in the course of her job. (I can say that I am way excited to see Julie Taymor's new Beatles movie-musical, which Tiffany worked on as a casting director). But everyone we saw seemed to be doing great. I love good friends that even if you haven't seen them in years, within 30 seconds you feel like you never left. Kelly, Michael, Brian, Orville, Heather, Anna, Mark, and of course Bob who gave us a place to crash. We even saw Jerry Mitchell at Virgin Megastore, we just happened to walk in the store while the cast of "Legally Blonde" was doing a mini-concert/signing for the release of their cast album. Unfortunately he was signing CDs and we didn't have time to wait in the very long line to get to him to actually say hi. But that Orfeh, man, can she sing!

We also saw Joanne Worley walking her dog. And then we walked by this restaurant, and Jenn Colella was deep in discussion with her dinner date at an outdoor table. She is engaged to a good friend of ours (whom sadly wasn't at the restaurant also), but it was several years ago that we actually met Jenn and haven't been in touch since. (Jenn was in a reading of a musical called Chrysalis written by our friend Gilles Chiasson.) She looked up and had a glint of recognition in her eye when she saw us, but we didn't notice her until we were walking right by and she was so deep in an obviously heavy conversation that we didn't stop. Awkward! I wish we'd stopped, but it was a split-second decision to not interrupt her conversation. If only we'd noticed her a second or two earlier. What can I say, David and I are both dorks. ::grin::

We just missed the volcano on 41st Street. We were on the train about two stops away when they made the announcement that the subways were not stopping at Grand Central "due to a partial building collapse". When we got off the train we could see the steam billowing high into the sky. Interestingly no one panicked, probably most people didn't ever realize anything had happened until later when they turned on the news. But no one, even on the train, seemed to think terrorism. New Yorkers always impress me, they don't have time to live in fear.

Oh, and Tiffany has the new iPhone. I wanted to weep it was so beautiful in its awesomeness.

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  1. My brother has an iphone. I've been in awe over the television commercials. I have no doubt I'll feel unworthy to be in its actual presence...