Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cool flowers

Yesterday morning we went to the nearby Aquatic Park. No, it isn't what it sounds like, exactly. It is an actual park, and old aquatic garden actually that has been made a national park. Right along the river, it is a series of ponds that some rich guy a hundred years ago made for his wife, and filled them all with different kinds of water lillies. It is a pretty big park, and we did some very nice walking, even though the river was at low tide so we saw a lot of mud. But the lily pads are great with some pretty awesome flowers. The really cool lily pads, the big amazonian Victorian Lillies that look like big platters weren't out yet. We talked to a ranger who said the weather has been so weird they've been keeping them in the greenhouse, but they should be planted next week sometime, and by August should be ready to bloom. He said they only bloom for two nights, the first night a white flower, the second night a pink one. Love that. Anyway, so we'll go back in August to see those.

But in addition to all the cool plants, there were also lots of really awesome dragonflies. There were these ones that were white with black wings that looked like Asian fans, I'd never seen any like them before. And we even saw a beaver in one of the side creeks! It bolted when it saw us, but that was my first wild beaver sighting, so I was pretty excited. We could hear frogs, but never could find one. And there were a bunch of Canadian Geese bathing in one of the smaller ponds, so that was funny to watch.

A nice morning. Crazy the cool stuff that is just minutes from our house. Have I mentioned I love it here yet?


  1. OMG... "wild Beaver sighting"? Robb!!

    You're going to have to keep in mind that I read your blog after I've just worked 13 hours and been up for 17, and it's 8am here, and censor that stuff out. You have more innuendo in your blog than any other I've read, and I've read alot.

    On another note, I got my first real post-sign-on-bonus pay check yesterday, so that trip to DC to vist I keep talking about? It's now totaly feasible. As soon as the new schedule comes out, you better dust off your couch!

  2. omg colin get your head out of the gutter! this is a family blog.

    i got my first post-working-a-bunch-of-doubletime paycheck, so i'm down too. as long as we get to look for wild beavers.

    :) (sorry)

  3. I totally thought the same thing when I read it too Colin. I was thinking...."This HAS to be the very first time that Robb has gotten excited about seeing a beaver!!"

    Hehe. It was good for a great laugh. I miss you Robb!!

  4. See? I'm not the only one. And I bet Jessica didn't just get off the night shift when she read that.

  5. I knew you were going to comment on that one Colin. But the truth is, I saw a beaver! What else was I supposed to say? "I saw a medium-sized brown mammal that builds dams swimming in the creek?" You would have found something wrong with that too I imagine. Jill, Jessica: can you *please* set this boy up with a nice straight girl? Life must be tough for Colin if he is getting all of his kicks from a gay dude's blog. ::grin::

    But yes, it was the first time it was exciting. heh

  6. ummmm...... what are you guys *talking* about??? ::blink blink::

    Just a sidenote..... does anyone else think that Colin's picture looks like Ben Stiller???

  7. Love the "First Wild Beaver Sighting" banter going on here. Would love even more to hear the "First Tame Beaver Sighting" story that must exist.... okay, maybe not.

    Amazing the things you guys have at your doorstep. You're making time for NCLEX questions between these amazing outings, right?

    I know. I'm a total nerd...