Saturday, June 23, 2007

White House

This morning we were up at six again, and decided to walk over to the White House. Without taking the tour, you can't get anywhere close to the front, but here is a pic of the back (which, because of the car port, many people assume is the front). I was actually much more impressed with the building next door, probably just full of offices for the White House staff, but a great looking building with lots of columns and such. The walk was over six miles, so we keep giving our legs daily workouts.

We also saw this, which just cracked me up for some reason.

On the house side, we finished three walls of the living room today. We were planning this really cool glaze finish, but the undercolor turned out so much better than we'd been thinking we decided just to leave it. We have one final wall and we're still debating if we'll use the finish on that one or not. The base color is this very warm golden brown, and we had a dark red rust color to wash it with, but we'll see.

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