Saturday, June 23, 2007


Yesterday we got up and went jogging in the Mall. Not a long run, just a nice introductory jog. We both have new shoes and the last thing either of us needs is a blister. But it still feels good to be up and active in the morning again, it is cool and beautiful outside. Last night we took another walk to the Capitol Building, and the Army band was giving a concert on the steps. I wish we'd gotten there earlier, but we sat and got to hear the last 15 minutes or so of the concert. They were really good, especially the piccolos and the trumpets, wow! We just missed a similar concert a few nights ago, so we are going to go back earlier tonight to see if it is a regular occurence or just a special event. But people had brought lawn chairs to sit in, so it must happen with some frequency. Good grief I love where I live.

Now I hate to burst my sisters bubble, because she just moved into a new house in a little resort town in Arizona, and she wrote all excited that she had seen a raccoon in her yard. Well last night on the way home from the concert, we saw a raccoon. It ran across the street in front of us, and we followed it into someones yard and it stared at us for a while. We weren't stupid enough to get too close or anything, those critters can be mean when they're cornered. But he was beautiful. So my neighborhood has fireflies and raccoons. It isn't quite as remarkable as the wild turkey that lived in the park next to our place in Manhattan, but still it is a pretty cool thing in a city this big and dense.


  1. Love the blog :o) Especially love the Mark Twain quote under the blog title.

  2. We had a raccoon saga here recently, at John's house. The neighbor heard sounds in her chimmney. When Fish & Game showed up, they retrieved a mama and three babies. John got to see them in the cage. Said the mother was Huge. They thought there was a fourth in there, so they let the mama go back in, but she ran away instead. Next day, the neighbor directly next door discovered all her coy out of her backyard pond had been eaten. So far as we know, the mama is still on the loose. John thought he saw it in the front yard last week.

    Why do I never get to see the cool stuff?

  3. yeah, they are cute. But don't get too cuddly: the little buggers harbor plauge.

    They are supposed to taste pretty good, though. Like gamey chicken.