Friday, June 1, 2007

Move update

So, as usual, our plans are changing a bit at the last minute. We stopped by the U-Haul place and I got a look at the monster truck I have to drive, and decided towing our car behind was going to be too much. Also we liked the idea of having a bit of freedom as we go across to go to restaurants and do a bit of exploring. So we ditched the tow dolly, changed our reservation to Penske because it was cheaper (and we've had great experiences with them on our prior moves), and decided to leave a day early to give ourselves more time to enjoy the drive. David will have to drive the Matrix now, so the actual driving part will be much more boring. (Thank goodness for cell phones!) But instead of leaving Tuesday morning, we're going to leave Monday as soon as we get the truck packed up. That way we can drive less hours each day (still arriving Thursday night to our friend Tom's in Silver Spring) and be able to jump in the car and explore a little. Maybe we can have dinner on Beale Street in Memphis, or go see Graceland, or whatever. If I was towing the car we'd be trapped to whatever was right off the freeway. And the car gets such good MPH that cost wise, even with gas so high it isn't that much more than the tow dolly cost to rent.

So anyway, that is the plan. We packed most of the kitchen last night. Finishing up the painting this morning. We're making great progress on everything, just one step at a time.


  1. I'm absolutely delighted to see you've entered the realm of blogging. Especially now that you'll be so far away (sniff). I did not get to see Pirate Master last night, but just checked, it's on full episodes at, so I'll get cracking on that this weekend for sure.

    So darling, am I crazy? Sweet boyfriend asked me to move in with him and I said YES. What better way to find out if we're really compatible than to spend every waking moment together? I'm so smitten, in a way I simply can't write about on my own blog, lest I bore my readers to tears... So I'll bore yours instead.

    And how did we spend two hours sitting across the table and NOT dish on the final episode of Survivor? To be honest, I was so disappointed (but not surprised) when Dreamz went back on his word to Yau Man, that I basically tuned out after that. Earl is a nice guy, but I was 100% invested in Yau. I didn't even watch the rest of the reunion show, tha's how disappointed I was.

    I bet you're happy about Jordin's win. Am I right?

    Happy Packing!

  2. ok, jordin is just SO cute. but i really liked chris. i have no idea what you're talking about re: survivor.

    i'm sad you're leaving robb, but michaela is still talking about going to dc, so we'll be there at some point. maybe when i can really walk again.

    congrats radha! wait, radha! are you serious? :) (since you're faux blogging on robb's blog, i can comment, right?)

  3. Well Radha, I wish I'd had a chance to meet this guy to make sure he is good enough for you, but I guess I'll take your word for it. ::grin::

    I was flabbergasted at Dreamz decision, and for all his spin of it afterwards, I think he made the wrong decision. But in context of the game, I thought it continued what was the best season as far as intrigue and manuvering. Yao was awesome, but I was fine with Earl winning. And that was the first time in Survivor history that someone won with 100% of the votes cast.

    But again, that's why I'm so into the new Pirate Master. They have permission from the beginning to be evil and manipulative like that, so there should never be a time people cry about hurt feelings and getting stabbed in the back. That is what pirates do! Don't fool yourself that you are making friendships that should "rise above" the game. Trusting people is pure strategy. It will be way more fun without the indignant "betrayal" card being played.

  4. Yes, I'm serious (seriously ga-ga over this guy). Too bad you're leaving already, I'd love for you to meet John. But we're out of time. But if you have a spare moment on Sunday, call me and maybe we could have a quick cup of coffee. We're laying flagstone in the backyard tomorrow and wouldn't mind the break. My folks signed off on this one, but your opinion would mean a lot too! My man-picker has not been very reliable in the last few years...

    And I just have to say, you and your honey are too damn photogenic. It's too bad biology dictates you can't procreate. If you could, the kid would be a knockout.