Friday, June 22, 2007

Pirate Master 6/21

Frankly I'm worried. Apparently the producers cast their show with people who had never seen reality TV before. All these people complaining that that things aren't "fair" and that people should only be voted off (I mean "set adrift") if they don't personally like them instead of for political reasons. First of all dudes and dudettes, you are supposed to be freaking PIRATES here. You don't complain about lying and cheating, you embrace them. Second of all, have you never seen how alliances work? Alliances, at least ones you are not a part of, must always be destroyed! That is the basic rule of reality television! Otherwise, you end up going home, complaining how unfair it was that they picked you and how at least you still have your "integrity" and are "proud" of how you played the game. To which I say, hogwash. That may have been a factor during the first maybe two seasons of "Survivor", but after that it just doesn't make sense. It isn't a show about virtue, it is a show about Pirates! I think the host should go around, and before anyone makes any kind of game-related decision, he should ask them "What would Jack Sparrow do?" just to give them a visual. They have permission to scheme without hurting people's feelings, which is why I love the show's premise. So all of these self-righteous "good people" need to G-O go.

On the other channel we have "So You Think You Can Dance", which I always assumed was something lame along the lines of "America's Got Talent", you know, something very middle-brow that relies heavily on mocking people to pass the time. But while the show's standards are lower than the gold-standard of "Survivor", it is hard to deny the magical moments when people come out and are just fierce on the dance floor. What some people can do and say with their bodies just makes me want to cry sometimes it is so amazing. There are so many styles of dance it is all rather subjective in the end, so I doubt I'm going to get too carried away with picking a winner. Although there are several I like more than others, there isn't a single Sanjaya in the bunch. And, like Idol, in the end it is still a popularity contest more than a real dance competition. But I'm sure enjoying the ride.

I've got some more to post (we went to the Lincoln Memorial, yay!!), but we are painting the living room today and I gotta get going...


  1. Oh Ma Gaw! I *totally* love So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD for you cool peeps). I seriously burst into tears about 5 times while watching. The dancers are so amazing! But come on, you have to have favorites. Like, Dominic, the street dancer / B boy who admitted that he got into dance to impress the ladies, but still finds himself single. And, shaved his toes for his contemporary piece because as he put it...."It was a jungle down there...." And I'm sorry, but I was sooooo happy to see Faina go home last night. She was bitch personified. "Oh, and hey Bitch....1980 called, they want their crimped hair back!" I didn't believe those tears for a second. You know she just wanted to scream at Nigel, "If you hadn't put me with such a crappy partner I wouldn't be in this position!" Luckily, her scant knowledge of the English language held her back.

  2. Faina rocked, and I think it was absolutely evil of them to kick her off and then save Cedric. I don't care how often they tell me he is really talented, he has yet to show it to me. And regardless, he totally failed his partner, and now she is paying for it but not him? I don't blame him, he is who he is, but I can't believe the judges are putting him into that position. Probably they would've eliminated the blonde girl, but then she was so crazy fierce in her solo that they had to save her. When she did that kick her leg in the air and then do like four pirourettes, my heart like skipped a beat. So they had to save her. But it does suck for Faina, even if she did have bad hair. In my limited exposure to Russian girls (she would be number two), they seem to have a very different idea of what makes hair pretty. Gorgeous girls, but then they do very odd hair things. I don't get it.

    Oh, and what was up with Jesse? Her solo was so lame, what the heck was she wearing? She just ran around the stage looking fat. Glad they called her on that. But I thought they were mean to Pasha. Maybe he is the Ricky Martin of the company, more style than substance, but baby give me the style! heh

    And my favorite was the guy they kicked off last week (again to save Cedric), so I've learned my lesson. But I will admit the guy with the mohawk and his girl always make me happy.

  3. So I watched Pirate Master this AM and also noted there was a lot of strange conversation regarding
    "fairness" and the chick saying she left with her integrity intact, well, whatever. The only guy who really seems to get it is Louie. I still live for his evil laugh.

    So tomorrow AM I'll have to check for SYTYCD ('cause I'm cool). What better way to prepare for a long day on the unit than a little mindless reality TV? It's my only chance to veg, and the fact I can still do it at 5:00am is a miracle.