Friday, June 15, 2007

Pirate Master 6/14

Why do I love "Pirate Master"? Because this one pirate accepted a $1000 bribe (in gold doubloons, natch) to vote someone off...and then voted for someone else instead! Also the music producer with the blonde dreds got voted Captain and suddenly turned all Madonna and spontaneously grew a British accent. Even better the other pirates all tease him about it, and he seems embarassed, but he can't stop! Delicious. While many of the production values are decidedly second-tier, they do sport what is probably the best ominous tag-line for a vote ever - "Let's see what you've done".

There seems to be a battle looming between to groups of power, and so far I'm really not inclined to care which side wins. There are people I like more than others, but in the game of pirates, the winner who should be whomever plays the hardest. Game on.

However I do find it super distracting that when they are searching for treasure, amid all the props of skeletons and chests and snakes and whatnot, that if they have to look underwater someone invariably is shown wearing a diving mask. Since when did pirates use masks to look underwater? Talk about wimp factor. The producers could at least do us the favor of editing crap like that out of the final show. I know it is all pretend, but come on!

Quick question - I haven't watched "24" since the first season, but what are with the commercials where Kiefer Sutherland is going all Obi-Wan? Is he stopping a bomb with The Force or something? I might have watched if I knew that was going on.


  1. I have to say I'm pleased with this show as well. When I gave up my tv last month I told myself I was done watching on a regular basis, but now that Beloved Boyfriend has obtained high-speed at his house, I just can't resist.

    I like Pirate Master because it has a "Survivor" feel to it, plenty of difference to keep it interesting. Hot people with dreds, wicked eye makeup tats, and cool facial hair run rampant on the ship. The greed factor is delicious. I love Louie's evil laugh.

    I agree, the diving mask has to go. The guy probably wears contact lenses so they allowed him to use that for the sake of vanity. Let's make the editor walk the plank for that one....

    Not siding with anyone yet at this point. On a side note, Ashwin (my youngest's dad) knows one of the people on the show. I have to e-mail him and ask which one....

  2. A Blog...YAY! :-) I'm looking forward to reading about all of your adventures. I'll see you in NYC hopefully next month. Have a great weekend,


  3. There. I posted a comment. Happy now? ;-)

    Looking forward to getting caught up soon.

    ~ Mark

  4. Haven't seen pirate master, but I have to express my newfound love for Mo'nique's Charm School. GENIUS

    Can't wait to see you guys!What are you doing for the fourth of July?