Saturday, June 16, 2007

Living with dinosaurs...

We went on our nightly walk last night, and I got a picture of the street I most want to live on. Hey, a boy can dream can't he? I defy anyone to show me a street with a more awesome name.

Also, the fireflies were out in force, and I thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be a great idea to get a picture of the fireflies for my blog?" Seems like a good idea, right? Well, have you ever tried to photograph a tiny bug, just at the instant that it lights it butt up? Much harder than I'd anticipated. At one point we came across a bunch in this cute little corner yard. So I just stood there and started taking pic after pic, hoping that one of them would light up just as I clicked the shutter. Finally David came over and said "Robb, whoever lives here is on the verge of calling the police to report some crazy guy taking pictures of their house through the bushes". ::sigh::

So we went to a nearby park where David could get comfortably away from the embarassment that was me trying to take a photo of a bug. I tried for you folks, no one can say I didn't try. Unfortunately this was the best I could do...

Also, for those you of you care about the state of such things, the spider in my window is acting a little funny. He sits in his ratty day old web now until well after we go to bed, although there is always a fresh web by morning waiting for us. It has cooled down considerably and I wonder if that makes him as sluggish as his dinner is. It is supposed to heat back up again next week, I wonder if his old chipper self will return with the gnats.


  1. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your blog. Your writing is balanced and has a delightful and humerous flow. Feels like you never left. John is enjoying your tales of DC as well. Or at least he's pretending to, because he's so fond of me, as I read it aloud to him. Who knows? Love is grand....

  2. that probably is the best street name i've ever seen. i'll be moving next door to you on it very soon. haha.


  3. I'm so jealous of Capitalsaurus Court. The most amusing street I'm been able to find here so far is Gamma Way. Which, I only think is clever because if you say it fast it sounds like Gamma Ray. However, there are an abundance of stupid traffic signs throughout the city. Such as, when you are driving on the freeway, "Beware Of Aggressive Drivers!" What exactly am I supposed to beware of?!?! Am I just supposed to be in a constant state of readiness for that annoying tailgater. And wouldn't something like, "Stop Driving Aggressively!" be more proactive? I suppose Pittsburgh is just content and has embraced it's crappy drivers. For the few good drivers that remain, we should just heed the warnings.

  4. I'm so excited about your love of fireflies! I totally love them too. I was so excited when I moved here and realized we had them. *And* I was even more excited to find out that they are the state bug of Pennsylvania! Woo hoo! Yeah, that's right, you have Capitalsaurus Court, but I've got the firefly as my state bug. What's yours? From what I can tell, you don't even have one SO HA! I used to catch them in jars when I was a kid. Although, I've recently discovered that the whole lighting up thing is something they do when they are ready to mate. I now feel remiss that I was interrupting some good firefly lov'in :) The one thing I am *not* excited about is now finding centipedes wandering through my home. I thought spiders where bad, but these are pretty atrocious as well. For me, the more legs you have, the less I like you.