Thursday, June 14, 2007

NCLEX countdown...

Ack! The paperwork *finally* has been processed, so I scheduled my NCLEX today for July 12th. It is farther off than I'd hoped, but still in time for my first day of work on the 23rd. That gives me four weeks to figure out how I can have me one of those movie montages where I learn everything I need to know in about 45 seconds. Otherwise I'm gonna have to really start studying again. I can't believe I've been out of school for two months already! Where does the time go?

I was really starting to get nervous about getting this scheduled, so I'm very glad to have it done with a firm date to look to. And once I finish I'll still have the whole next week to go on vacation up to New York or something fun stress free. Unless, of course, I don't pass. Statistically the odds are totally in my favor (thank you HESI and your positive predictive abilities!) but don't think that stops me from imagining the worst. For example today I had to look up how many mL's were in an ounce. My guess was right (30!), but still, that kind of crap scares the, uh, crap out of me. I'm really jealous of you guys and gals who have work-related NCLEX review. But I have fireflies on my front stoop, so neener.


  1. I should be testing around the same time as you. I just keep studying question after question, and looking up stuff I get wrong.

    Our NCLEX review at UH was crap. 8 hours of going around the room and having each person read an NCLEX question off the board and answer it. Averaged about 160 questions a day in 8 hours. I can do that many question in two hours, and still have the afternoon off to drink coffee and read my friends' blogs.

    If you e-mail or text me your address, I'll send you the medication review packet they gave us. This is a good resource, if you didn't save your notes from pharm (which I didn't).

    With firefly envy, Radha

  2. holy cow robb. i take my test on MONDAY. FREAK OUT. you'll be fine though. i'll be fine. we'll all be fine. right? right? :) i want one of those montages too. i keep thinking that everything i read in question rationales ("oh THAT is what you do for an air embolism in a central line...") will somehow cement it's place in my head and stay there FOREVER. oh well. :) GOOD LUCK.


  3. Hey, buddy. You're bringing back memories of when I was Production Editor for the 1st Edition of The Princeton Review's Cracking the System: NCLEX. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything from the book, except for my name on the copyright page AND in the author's acknowledgments. (She liked my sense of humor. Who doesn't?)

    Such an ego, I have!

  4. Regarding your say, "Formerly a theatre actor who wanted to do something important, now I'm a registered nurse who sometimes still wants to act." One may argue that in becoming a registered nurse, you may, just may being doing something important :) I mean, there is that whole "helping to save a life vs entertaining the masses" issue, but you may find that most people will put more importance on the former. Especially, your patients. Although, you are always entertaining.