Monday, December 31, 2007

The reason my life is good

So it is the last day of the year. The day when more put-together people do end-of-year lists, the best movies they saw, the best music they listened to, their most scandalous secrets, that sort of thing. As for me, putting together lists like that would take far too much time and effort, because I'm not very good at keeping track of that kind of thing anyway. And, of course, I have way too many scandalous secrets to fit in a top ten list.

Coincidentally, it is also mine and David's 15 year anniversary. Which is pretty amazing because we are only 25, right? Going out to dinner on New Years Eve tends to be far more trouble than its worth, so we'll be going out tomorrow instead as usual. But still, as I sit here pondering my year, he is what comes to mind the most. He has shared all of my best moments of the year, and in fact is the cause of most of them. I mean, let's face it, without him I'd have starved to death years ago. (He made me french toast this morning, yummmmm.) There is that movie where Susan Sarandon says that people get married in part because we want a witness to our lives. I couldn't have a better one than him, and I only hope I give it all back to him and more, because he deserves it. And more.

So instead of a top ten list of things that don't really matter, here is a photo blog posting celebrating the handsome, funny, goofy, playful, strong and totally awesome dork that I share my life with.

I'm a lucky guy.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Robb, your post is an awesome tribute to what you both share. Congrats on so many years of joy and support and here's to another sixty at least.

    And for the record, you guys are both so darn good-looking, you would have the cutest of kids....

    (I know, I know, I did go to nursing school after all. I think it just might be possible though, out of fairness for the heightened attractiveness, intelligence and raw talent that would be bestowed upon the human race. You could get a waiver from God or something.)

  2. aw. you guys are so darn cute! congrats robb. i'm glad you found someone to match your awesomeness. :D

  3. I remember when Jeffrey came home from Taipei the first thing he said was, "you HAVE to meet Robb and David." Jeffrey was unable to put into words the awesomeness that was Robb and David, nor did I realize that we would become life long friends. Many people have come and gone in my life, but few are there for a lifetime. I am proud to say that you are both a major part of those people that are there for a lifetime.

    When I was a teenager I wanted a relationship like my Mom and Dad's. After so many years (and still today) they look at each other with love and compassion. They share a bond unlike anything you could imagine. I found that with Jeffrey, and I know that you and David found it too. I am proud to know you and proud I get to share a lifetime of memories (sometimes memeories we make together and sometimes not, but always shared)with you both.

    We can't wait to see you this spring.

  4. happy new year robb! that is a beautiful tribute to your past 15 years. you're BOTH lucky. happy, happy anniversary, and many more to come.

  5. I am supposed to go see a play right now and am completely starting to cry. I love you guys so much, and let's bring on the next Chapter!