Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas fun and more love of Kathy Griffin

I'm sitting here making some of the finishing touches on my Christmas present to my family, which is at such a level of awesomeness it will make them all weep and and be amazed that they have never received a gift that was so spectacular and wonderful and they will realize I am forever their favorite and they love me more than they ever have and all other gifts they receive will pale in comparison to my excellent taste and creativity. So if you are giving a gift to someone I am closely related to, then all I can say is, SUCKER! Too bad for you that they are going to like my present way better than yours! Neener neener!!! Bwa-ha-ha!!!

Other than being awesome, I am just being tired, because I've spent every waking moment of every day off I've had in the past two weeks working on, er, stuff, and now I've got four days of work in front of me and I'm a little pooped. We are having some fabulous Albuquerque company on Friday night, and I'm going to barely be able to say hello before running off to bed again after work which is totally crappy. Ah, well. Yesterday was actually a great day at work, despite having two patients break down in tears. One guy said "I really hope I just die tonight. I believe in God, and I know suicide is the worst sin, and I can't wash away all the good I've done in my life with that, so I just hope I die in my sleep. Tonight." I didn't say much, because, what DO you say, but also he didn't want me to say anything, he just needed someone to listen. But other than the abject depression, I'm getting much better with my actual work load and don't feel so incompetent anymore, which you might realize is a huge plus in my overall sense of happiness.

Other nurses, how many times have you done this: After work, just as I was about to start eating dinner, I suddenly realized that in my long note I wrote that I had a patient on Aspiration Precautions, when she was really on Airborne Precautions (to rule out TB). It is a dumb mistake, I don't even know how I remembered that I'd done it. But now I'm all annoyed with myself. Stupid! Stupid!

We just got some cookies in the mail from my parents-in-law, and also some honeycomb candy which is one of my favorite things ever. When I lived in Singapore they had it in candybar form, called a Violet Crumble, but I've only found them here on rare occasions in specialty stores. Of course, thanks to all the work I've been putting in on my sweet Christmas gifts, I haven't been to the gym in almost two weeks and now I'm eating Christmas cookies, it is all a bad scene at my house. Come January I'm going to be eating better and gymming more often, I swear. Well, maybe not eating better, but I do like the gym. I have a sick gym, so it is actually fun to go. Plus if I go at the right time I get curious VH-1 reality TV to watch while I'm kicking butt on the elliptical or treadmill, which is sometimes painful but other times delicious. Once Kathy Griffin was co-hosting "The View", and that was like Christmas had come early. If I ever win the lottery, I will totally use my winnings to arrange a dinner date with her, I think she is just crazy-awesome-funny. I don't get all fanboy crazy over many celebrities, like any of the celebrities I met after Boheme usually sent me into a spiral of awkward silliness (I just smiled sheepishly at Nicole Kidman, couldn't even approach Placido Domingo, and I totally insulted Dame Maggie Smith, but by accident I swear!) But Kathy Griffin seems like she would be just a normal person, not a star you had to watch out for. Besides, if I said something stupid or insulting to her she might make fun of me in her act and what could possibly be better than that?! My friend Susie is friends with Chloe Webb who is also someone I would die of embarrassed happiness if I got to meet, but I think I missed my chance with that one by moving to DC. ::sigh:: I'm not even going to discuss my friend who was tragically killed in a blog duel recently, who at one time was allegedly given heartfelt love by a somewhat tipsy Allison Janney. She is probably just a liar anyway. (My friend, not Allison Janney.)

I'm definitely watching Survivor tonight, but I probably won't get to blog about it until Tuesday, when I will also watch Sunday night's finale. Sorry to be so late with everything, especially with the finale and all, but work is work. I think most of you mock me for it anyway, but I know I can't expect all of my friends to be as enlightened as me on every subject, especially when it comes to areas of my most excellent taste. Enjoy watching Law and Order spin-off #4, or whatever it is you silly anti-reality watchers enjoy.


  1. Ok brother. I am highly anticipating your gift, as I'm sure it is nice. But do you not remember MY gift to eveyone in 2002? The personalized photo album I spent months creating, going through all of Mom's pictures, organizing and carefully selecting only the best ones, giving each of us one. Now none of us will fight over those pictures (once they are gone), because I gave everyone copies of the most precious ones. I not only gave a great Christmas gift, but helped to avoid us fighting over those pictures in the future! Right?! You did receive one of these albums, didn't you?

    So you can brag all you need to, but I AM the best and I dare you to challenge me. You may be busy "working", but in 2002 I had just givin birth, had a 11 month old, TWIN 3yr olds and a 4 yr old, while trying to finish my project on time, in a tiny apartment in Albuquerque, while my husband worked 3 jobs, including driving a cab at night taking the hookers to and fro.

    Ok. I'm tired now.

    You know I'm just rubbin' ya a bit. I miss you and can't wait to see what you have in store for us. I have read the first paragraph of this blog entry to the kids and they are soooooo curious! They really miss you and David. I have the ability to copy our home videos to a VHS tape. Would you like one? I made one for Josh's Mom and could copy it for you if you'd like. There's some funny stuff in there! Let me know. I know I could burn a DVD, but can't quite figure it out, so VHS it is.

    Love ya bro.

  2. Oh-ma-GAWD! How dare you doubt my honesty! Like I'd make up an love affair with Allison Janney. Pah-lease! I'm going to LA next week you know. Perhaps, I'll have to ring her up and see if she'd like to get together for old times sake. I'll be sure to take lots o' pictures too so as never to be doubted by my "supposed good friend" again. Humph. :)

  3. Rhonda - So are you talking about the photo album from 2002 that I practically gave you the idea for and helped you plan and collect pictures for and talked Mom into paying for supplies? I don't deny you did a LOT of work on that, and it is totally awesome actually. I'm just saying I did donate some brain power to the cause.

    As far as my gift goes, I can't defend it's place in the food chain without giving it away, so you will just have to wait until Christmas morning to understand the extent of my awesomeness. There is actually another piece to come, but I'm so exhausted you may just have to wait until next Christmas before I get around to it. lol

    If you edit your footage down to the good parts, send me a VHS and I can burn it to a DVD. I can't really do much fancy stuff though, it doesn't go through my computer, I just have a DVD burner/VHS player machine. So no editing or making chapters or anything cool, just a straight copy. Call me and we can talk details if you want. Because, yes, I bet you have great footage with those adorable kids of yours.

    Run, run for your lives, Miss Chievous has returned from the grave! I thought I killed her or something! ::terrified screaming noises::

    Oh, wait, I'm actually glad you are still alive and are coming back to haunt me, because you always make me laugh. And actually, I do believe you about the Ms. Janney thing, because no one could have made up a more unlikely story, so it has to be true. But I would encourage you to get photographic evidence, because, that would just be rad.