Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Believing in Santa gets you weapons of minimal destruction

Omigosh you guys, this believing stuff really works, I got way good stuff this year. You should totally try it. Just whisper "I Believe" and stuff when Santa is listening. However if Santa isn't listening, then you are probably just wasting your time, not to mention just looking foolish.

Apparently I complain about being cold a lot, because I got a bunch of stuff designed solely to keep me warm. My comfy pajama bottoms that I talked about last night (which made me so hot we had to open a window), a new thick robe, a foot heater/massager (that I'm using right now under the desk so probably my feet are currently happier than yours, you should really get one of these things) and some microwavable socks. I haven't tried the socks yet, but David did and he tells me they are terrific.

My father decided to buy all his children guns this year. Check this out and just try and tell me my sister couldn't totally kick your butt. If the end of the world ever comes, I'm totally heading to Arizona for protection. My father, redneck-wannabe that he is, is still smart enough to pay attention to actual gun laws and such and knew that handguns are currently outlawed in DC, so I missed out. However he told me, and I quote, "Hopefully Justice Roberts will do his job and get that overturned so DC residents can have their 2nd Amendment rights back." So maybe next year I will be armed and dangerous too, bwa-ha-ha! However, never one to skimp on the handing out of weapons, I still got, what would you call it, a mini-sword I guess. About two/three feet long, and autographed by the designer so I have to be good and keep the box and everything. But once we carve a nice backboard to hang it on, it will look totally fierce up on our Indiana Jones artifact wall in the bedroom. My instinct is to go out and use it and get it all weathered up, but I suppose that would destroy it's collectible value, so I'll refrain. I suspect this is my Dad's favorite Christmas ever, what with the gifting of guns and swords and, to David, a bunch of woodworking tools. The only thing that could have made it better was if someone wanted supplies to restore some old 1950's era Ford. The funny thing is that all us kids chipped in to get him a new gun this year, as he recently had one stolen. (Hope he opens that up before he reads this! lol)

For each other David and I got season passes to Six Flags. So if you come visit, we are totally taking you there. I can't wait until the park opens, I think in March or something. We've never been, but I'm sure it will be great. We even got a great Christmas deal where the season pass was the same price as a regular one day ticket. You can't beat that. Otherwise David got "me" a paper shredder, and I got "him" a dustbuster. We can be boring with presents sometimes, but we needed them! The funny thing is we went shopping last week, and I was planning on buying him a paper shredder, but then I got distracted with the dustbuster and forgot about the shredder until we'd already left the store. So that worked out nicely.

Now we have the Disney parade on TV, which is more Disney and less Christmas, but I did just see our friend Cullen, who was in the original cast of the "Saving Nemo" show (playing Nemo), so that was fun. His hair was covered, but you could still tell it looked awesome.

So we are about to leave and go see "Sweeney Todd", and then we're walking over to the White House to see the National Christmas tree. It is supposed to get up to 51 degrees today, which is A-OK with me. I have to work tomorrow, but then I have a whole week off! And I'll be going to the gym every day to start working off all this holiday fondue, fudge and banana bread.


  1. So they've come, they've watched, they've shed a sentimental tear or two, they've laughed and they have reminsiced about the good times we have shared. They all enjoyed your most AWESOME Christmas present. They finished out this Christmas Day feeling connected to a great family unit. Thank you, Robb and David. I know it took a lot of time and effort, but the DVD is definately worth it.

  2. A tear or two? I'm still crying! Mom and Dads pics were so sweet. An Angel and a Warrior...in love. Ahhhh. Truly a testiment of devotion and tenderness. Know what I mean?

    We will now be dancing at every stop we take, and the kids have already made me take pics of them with funny faces, for the "evil" part. They have requested their own section on the DVD. I guess I will find a program I can now devote many hours to to try to come close to the awesomeness you have started. But I am excited. Now I have to find music to suit each of my kids. This should be interesting and FUN!!

    Thank you for the wonderful gift.

    Tonight Haley asked me," Tell me a story about Uncle Robb and David". She is so sweet. " Are they brothers?". I said, " No, they are partners". She said," But partners don't get along, and they are always happy and smiling." LOL! I then told her how much you two love each other and how important you are to our family. She has requested you come visit soon. I ditto.

    By the way... 40? No Way!!!! He has got to share his secret!!!

  3. When we were way-laid overnight in DC last week I wanted to call you just to tell you I was very close to you (closer than usual anyway). But I didn't have my phone (and thus my numbers) so I sent a psychic message. I'm sure you got it, right? :)

    Merry Christmas, to both you and David!

  4. Mmmm...fudge. My dad made some and I can't stop eating it.

    Thoughts on Sweeney Todd?