Friday, December 21, 2007

Another example of how Netflix rocks me out

We saw the coolest movie last night, a documentary about the International Whistlers Competition called "Pucker Up". I've seen this movie before in various forms - on the National Spelling Bee, on a Scrabble convention, etc - and the format never ceases to disappoint. You take something kind of weird that takes definite talent to compete in, and then hone in on those individuals who have spent the time and energy to, you know, care, and then cultivate their own talent. The results are freaking awesome.

The movie starts out gently poking fun at some of these guys and gals, cause, well, people who spend a lot of time whistling, and thinking and talking about whistling, are just kind of funny. One guy referred to himself as a "puculator". I'm too lazy to look it up to see if it is a real word or not, but even if it is it cracks me up. Also any documentary that includes clips from the Lawrence Welk Show deserves props. But then the competition starts and you get to hear some of the totally amazing whistling going on. It is just crazy what some people can do. It even shows this one guy doing some crazy South American-style whistling where it looks like he is just talking, but somehow he is whistling not with his lips but his throat or something whacked out, even watching him do it my brain could not conceive how those sounds were coming out of his mouth and I was sure it was just dubbed or something.

My one complaint, we get the seven dwarfs, Elvis, and even Audrey Hepburn, but no "King and I"? I wanted to whistle a happy tune dammit! (The song was actually set up perfectly, which leads me to believe someone in the Rodgers and Hammerstein estate is a stingy bastard with rights.)

Also a plus, while these guys are certainly competitive, it wasn't all cutthroat and ugly, like they applauded each other when they did well. Which means, should I ever be in town, I think it was somewhere in the South, but if I am there when the next convention happens, I'm totally going.

You should totally rent this movie, and then we can talk about how awesome it was together, and then laugh and feel sorry for everyone else who hasn't.

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