Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday catch-up

So I've been on the floor for a week now, which minus classtime equals two 12-hour shifts and one 4 hour shift. Have I mentioned that my preceptor is smokin? Such a great finesse with the patients. So I'm doing my best to suck everything I can out of her brain. The best news is that most of my fear has gone away, I can tell they were serious when they said they will give me as much time as I need to get comfortable with stuff, they ain't just gonna throw me out there to fail. So I'm pretty darn excited about the whole affair. I wonder how long I'll be excited about going to work? Eventually it will become ordinary I guess, but for now I'm really enjoying it.

Otherwise I haven't been doing much. After a 12-hour shift, I get home about 8:30, eat dinner and go right to sleep. I'm gonna have to play around with that a bit, I hate eating a lot right before bed, but there just isn't time otherwise. I don't get very hungry at work, there is just too much going on, so I just snack throughout the day. I'll figure out a routine eventually I suppose. This morning we got up and I got trapped watching back to back episodes of "Extreme Makeover". I know, I know. I was just too lazy to do anything else.

As far as SYTYCD goes, I'm in a quandry now. I can't decide which is better, skill or personality. Lacy has been a big favorite of mine all along cause she is super sexy and fun. But her solo dance was, how do I put it, lame. I found myself wishing Shauna and, you know, that other girl that had a boring personality but crazy skills, were back. Then on the boy side you have Dominic, who has the best personality on the show, and then Neil and Danny who can do things that make me want to cry. Personality vs skill, I just can't decide what I want to see. Sabra has the best combo action going on, so I think I'm rooting for her. But then Danny comes out and does a gazillion pirrouettes and I don't know what to think anymore. Anyway, it will be interesting. I was intrigued that Pasha got more votes than Neil, personality over skill. So maybe the rest of America (or at least the ones that bother to vote anyhow) can't decide either. Also, you just KNOW that Nigel and Mary totally hate Adam Shenkman. heh

Haven't watched this weeks "Pirate Master" yet. Maybe tonight, we're meeting a friend from NYC for dinner.


  1. I hate the whole eating late setup as well. When I was living alone, I just ate a big lunch around 3pm (never have time to snack at work) and ate a bowl of cereal around 8:30pm. Now that Beloved Boyfriend cooks (and usually has a drink for me too), well, I've surrendered to the fact that I'm not going to be super-skinny anymore if I'm going to live with someone. Which isn't a bad thing, I know.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying work. I wouldn't say I've stopped enjoying work. But once I was off orientation and taking a full load, that's when, in a way, it stopped being "fun" in the sense that it was exciting and new to go to work. That's when the darker reality of our calling kicked in for me: the nursing shortage. Which means too many patients, too much charting, not enough time. Hopefully, in a Magnet Environment, you won't be as plagued by this? I'm curious to hear more.

    No chance to watch Pirate Master around here. BUT I'll make an effort in the AM. That's the other thing I do, is get up super early so I can do a little "living" around the house before I go to work. Makes me feel like I have a life outside of the hospital, on the days I work.

  2. hmmmm .... this nursing thing sometimes kinda reminds me of motherhood. Little time for food (except snacks), TV, going to bed ealier than you really wanted to, but sleep just wouldn't be denied.... ::sly grin::

  3. Whenever you talk about your "preceptor," I get this funny image of a supernatural being, like a floating orb or something silently guiding you around the hospital. Very Harry Potter. Or perhaps, I've just been playing too much Zelda on the Wii lately.

    It also kind of sounds like a prehistoric dinosaur.....but that would probably be a lot more disruptive in the hospital :)

  4. I agree. The term "Preceptor" should be followed by something like 'Rex'. That would be cool.

    Radha, I'm sorry your job is losing it's pazazz. I'm still in that "blind to all else" phase where every day I'm excited to go to work. Ofcourse, ICU conditions stipulate a max of 2 patients per nurse, and when they are sooooo cuuute, who could not love going to work? Peds rocks.

  5. Oh my God, I am totally calling her Preceptor Rex from now on. ROFL While the image of a dinosaur helping me change a central line dressing or reviewing meds or giving a bedbath seems a little off, and the orb of light is more appropriate, funny always wins in the nickname department.

    And Radha, I do wonder how long the initial euphoria of being a nurse will last. I'll never have more than four patients which seems manageable. PICU has a definite appeal Col, I'm sure the highs are high, but I'm afraid of the lows. I just want to work in the Newborn Nursury one day a week.