Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reality catch up

I'm paying for my internet now, so it shouldn't go away again. Kind of annoying because it started working again, but I guess I can't rely on the kindness of neighborhood strangers forever.

Blogging is sort of one of those things that has to happen in real time though, it is hard to go back and revisit things. The finale of SYTYCD was pretty darn satisfying, but a week later I'm finding it hard to find any words. Obviously I am thrilled that Sabra won, I've been digging her for weeks now. Better yet, she won even though the choreographers gave her every disadvantage with totally crap choreography the final week.

I realize that the whole "this was my favorite routine" thing was rigged to highlight dances that they will be doing on the tour. But come on, some of them were TOTALLY boring. At least they did the Triplets of Belville one and the 80s office one and the Hummingbird. But what about the Pasha/Lacey one where she was a robot? Or just about any of the Lacey/Cameron ones that were all super sexy and fun? In any case, very glad there will be another season. Oh, I watched the finale with my brother (who also couldn't figure out why Danny reminds me of him, heh) and although he seemed to enjoy some of the dancing he was totally annoyed by Mary which I thought was funny. Oh, and oh yeah, loved the clogger and the weird robot guy. Dancing rocks. I think the robot guy was my brothers favorite part.

I'm totally behind on Pirate Master, at least two episodes if not three, so I need to catch up. Just wish I cared more.

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