Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My weekend, plus ruminations on the meaning of life

It's been a busy weekend. BFF Tiffany was here, and took us to meet a friend of hers who recently had a new baby that was cute beyond compare. Also we had fondue, which is always a good thing. We brought the dipping stuff, and they provided the cheese, and made the fondue from scratch. Can we all say "super yum" together now? For a bonus we had chocolate fondue afterwards, so my tummy was in tummy heaven all night, it was a very good thing.

Tiffany, besides showing off her fancy long lady hair, also got us talking and thinking about babies, as in, having them. One. Well, or more. Three days later my head still feels about to explode. I really wish I had the instruction manual to life, because all of the sudden things seem complicated, which isn't really something I have a lot of experience dealing with. Everything in my life has been rather smooth sailing. Well, that isn't completely true, but certainly nothing has been as frustratingly dense as this. Then there is that part of me that is like, did God make me gay so I wouldn't have to worry about having kids this time around, and would I just be thwarting his plans for me by making it happen? Or did he make me gay in order to give my kid a valuable perspective about, I don't know, something. All I know is that I hit 35 in a few weeks, and David is already 40, so if we are going to adopt we need to get on that bandwagon right quick. Anyhoo, lots of ideas and thoughts and fears are percolating through the old noggin. I'm ok with not having kids as long as we make the decision to not have any. But I don't want to be 50 and say, why didn't we do that?

Tiffany also brainwashed me and got me to sign up on Facebook. So while I swear I am not going to get addicted to that like I was to Friendster a bunch of years back, come say hi there if you like. But this blog will remain my main focus.

More good news: the Bickersons finally got eliminated from the Amazing Race. All together now, a huge sigh of relief.

Back to work the next couple of days. I think American Idol starts this week, but I always hate the opening rounds so I won't be too sad if I miss it. Everytime they tell someone they should never sing again I want to slap their faces. Everyone should sing. All the time. It is good for the soul. That doesn't mean that everyone should be a professional singer or deserve a recording contract, but there is a whole lot of leeway between those two extremes.

And that's all I've got.


  1. I think that we are leading the same life on opposite coasts. We have been thinking about the same thing, and still don't know what to do. Maybe this is something that we can talk about when we come for a visit. You know that once you have the kids you can't exactly move every two years, and you have to ensure that when you move you are protected. So many things to consider.

    I guess you are also in heaven. With the fall schedule cancelled it means more reality shows. Ugh! ;)