Friday, October 17, 2008


Truth be told I wasn't all that excited about going to Gettysburg. It just didn't seem like something that would be all that interesting, but boy was I wrong. History is super exciting under the right circumstances, and the museum and car audio tour (you listen to a CD while you drive around the battlefield) are all really well presented. The strategies, the ebb and flow of the battles, it all comes to life as you learn about just what happened. It also didn't hurt that my dad and Uncle Rod are nerds and knew a ridiculous amount of trivia about the events, which also helped sweeten the experience.

I think it helped a lot that we were there at a perfect time of year. The weather was perfect, the trees were just starting to turn which was gorgeous, and it wasn't as crowded as I'm sure it gets in the summer months, and this all helped take away some of the creepiness of places like the Wheatfield and Devil's Den.

What is amazing is that this wasn't really that long ago. America is such a young country. For the first time I understood why Southerners might still have some pride in the Confederate Flag. I mean, I'm glad they got whooped, because there is no good argument for slavery, even dressed up as "states rights". But for the common man, who were the ones actually out there doing the combat, it really was a matter of pride, and I can understand wanting to honor that. (Of course I can still understand why African-Americans would be offended by honoring that, which is what makes it a complicated issue.)

We went on what really was a pretty bad ghost tour once it got dark. Our guide was very charismatic and fun, but couldn't tell a good story to save his life. I guess I'm doomed to be a theatre critic for the rest of my life, but David and I just giggled to each other at every tortured segue. It was still fun to be out and about at night, and I never turn my nose up at a walk, so overall it was a lot of fun. But still I was hoping for something actually, you know, scary.

We had some really good apples. And french fries. And homemade chocolates. One store had a bag of "chocolate babies", which was a bag of chocolate in the shape of little babies. I couldn't decide if it was funny or creepy. (We didn't buy them.)

So if you get the chance, go out there. We spent two full days, and probably could have found more to do if we'd had the time. Very fun and interesting. Funny that I've lived in DC over a year, and with the possible exception of the Lincoln Memorial, I really haven't gotten into the history of this city. The White House just seems like a modern building to me, so it was surprising seeing photos of it with Union troops lined up outside. I love that. The American History Museum has been closed since we arrived for renovations, but it should be opening back up again this November, and I can't wait to go visit.

As usual, had a great time with my family. Even if my mom popped the air mattress. ::grin:: You're welcome back anytime!


  1. So *thats* why you left me out of the pictures!!!!

  2. Look again mom, you're in there.

  3. I'm so jealous!!! I wish I was there with you guys. It would undoubtedly be an awesome day to see such an historic sight with you all.