Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesdays are for Supercuts

Today was another lazy day.  We were waiting for a package from UPS so had to sit around until they finally came.  At one point I told David, "Go check the door and see if they've come yet."  He opened the door just as the UPS truck turned the corner and stopped in front of the house.  Hmmm,  maybe I need to head on down to the strip tonight.

Hey, I AM going to the strip tonight!  For Christmas my sister got us all tickets to see "Jersey Boys".  Most of the family doesn't want to go on a school night, so I think just me and the parents are going tonight.  I've got two quarters in my pocket, and I'm feeling mighty lucky tonight!  :)

I got a haircut today at Supercuts.  My Dad says I look like a Marine, but I wanted it short.  Who wants to deal with bedhead when you are traveling?  Pics will be forthcoming.

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