Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today is Thursday, right?

Yesterday we had lunch with another old friend from Sacramento, Jay Joseph.  He has been living in Vegas for about ten years now, and it was great to catch up with him.  In another blow to Albuquerque he had some first hand knowledge about salaries for RNs here which was much higher than I'd anticipated.  I'm glad I have this big trip to think about instead of having to decide where I want to live when we get back, because I have too many options that are all so appealing! 

I was afraid that with four weeks in Las Vegas, we'd be totally bored by now, but in reality we have so much to do that we haven't had a chance to get bored at all.  Every day we accomplish a little bit more.  At this point the only "big" things we still have to do is figure out how we're gonna file our taxes, decide if I'm gonna feel safe paying a few bills online from internet cafes or if I need to set someone up to pay them for me from here, and then cross my fingers that my final paycheck from work is going to show up in the next few days.  I also still haven't had any mail forwarded from our old address yet, which is very unnerving.  They said it can sometimes take two weeks for it to catch up with you, so there isn't necessarily anything wrong yet, but I wish it would just start arriving so I could relax about it. 

We'd wanted to buy a sink plug to take with us (to wash clothes in the sink) but are having the hardest time finding one.  Also it took us about fifteen different stores to find a 1oz tube of Neosporin cream.  Everyone only had the ointment, or had the cream in the 0.5oz size.  Am I weird, cause I hate ointment, it is just so messy, but apparently it sells a lot better than cream does.  Anyhoo, we finally found it at Kmart (of all places).

Like I've said we have a couchsurfer host lined up for Cancun, and possibly one for Merida.  We're now trying to get one for Cozumel, but haven't heard back yet.  Maybe today will be the day!

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