Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Taking a break from the insanity of politics

Another Tuesday morning, another week at work finished. This weekend was what last weekend was supposed to be like: only moderately busy, even quiet at times. We still had strange surges of med students at odd times, but maybe they are cramming for tests or extra credit or something.

I did get to take care of one of those rare creatures, a 70 year old woman who was totally adorable and sweet. She told me I was so nice that she wanted to take me to see Tina Turner in concert, whom she had just seen on Oprah. Then she told me I should call her sometime. Awkward!

I actually did look up the Tina Turner concert, and she is even performing here in DC. However even though I get to buy tickets early thanks to my American Express card, the entire floor section is already sold out to scalpers. The seats that are left are only available through Ticketmaster, which can I just say is the biggest scam of the century. On top of the $140 ticket price, they want to charge a $24 convenience charge. PER TICKET. Then you have to pay to pick up your tickets - you even have to pay $5 if you just want to print them yourself on your own computer. Really? Really, Ticketmaster? I say, you sucketh! So no Tina for us, because even if we were willing to spend all that money, we are rapidly losing interest in seeing anything where we can't sit right down in front. Our days of balcony seating are pretty much over and done with.

And I know, I know, I still have way more Canadian blogging to do. I need David's collaboration on the next post to help identify some of the pics, but we haven't had time to collaborate. But more is coming, I promise.

We have an Australian Tug-Boat pilot staying with us at the moment, and tonight we get another Australian, a girl who is coming to the area for a blues dancing event. I don't know what that is, but I can't wait to find out. People are awesome.

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