Monday, September 22, 2008

At least no one threw up this time

Yesterday we went to Six Flags. We figured it we should probably use our season passes one last time, since we've only gone twice all summer. It was just as ghetto as ever, with broken rides all over the place, although not as bad as last time. Although I still am not sure how comfortable I am riding a roller coaster that was closed for maintenance just a half hour ago.

Anyway, safe or not, we at least got to ride all our favorite rides. Meaning the three rides that are actually good. Two of them were broken for a while. And the ridiculous bad and inefficient way they manage their rides will never cease to amaze me. I mean, I could do better. But whatever, the park was almost empty so we only actually had to wait for the Batman ride. When it was our turn we tried to get on, but the safety vest was closed and I couldn't get it to release to get in. The attendant finally made it over and fiddled with it and said "I guess it is broken". So I said "OK, then I guess we will have to wait for the next car." And he said "Are you sure?" Um, what is my other option? Riding the ride that hangs you upside down without wearing the seatbelt?

On the way out we notice we are just in time to see a live musical revue show. These kinds of shows are, of course, always bad, but can be totally enjoyable in their own way, so we sat down. We ended up with mothers taking photos on either side of us, so we knew we had to be on our best behavior and not laugh at things too much. The show started, and it was just as awesome as we'd hoped/feared, filled with humiliating choreography and medleys that included songs from "Rent" to Christian pop. Then about ten minutes in, the show lurches to a stop and a voice says "Due to technical difficulties we have to stop the show." This park is so ghetto that even the live shows break down!

Then we drove over to Roosevelt Island, which we've heard about but never gone to, and just walked around for a while. Very pretty, and we even saw a deer. Actually, it is kind of funny, because David can find bugs hiding on the bottom side of leaves, but he is totally blind to anything larger than a small dog. The deer practically walked right up to us on the side of the trail and he walked right by it, much like he did the moose in Newfoundland, but the deer wasn't even hidden behind a bush.

The statue of Roosevelt is kind of funny looking. Doesn't he seem to be screaming "Dang kids! Get off my lawn!"

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