Monday, September 22, 2008

Catch up, plus you can cut off a toe with just a scalpel

I've been neglecting my poor blog the past few weeks, as I've been working a bunch of overtime. Not sure I'm going to be able to totally catch up with everything, but I'm gonna try and keep caught up going forward anyway. But we are having another couchsurfer come tomorrow (a guy from India who lives in Scotland), and we did enjoy our pair of Australians. So that is still a lot of fun. Then a friend from California is going to be in town running a big charity walk, and then we are going to NY for a weekend to see [title of show]. We have time for one more show, does anyone have an opinion on what we should see? We're kind of gravitating either towards the replacement cast of August: Osage County or the preview cast of Billy Elliot. Anyway, then my parents are coming for a week. So the busy never really stops.

I did just finish a three-day conference on diabetic limb salvage. Basically, people with advanced diabetes loose feeling in their feet, and then because they can't feel anything, they get sores that never heal and get infected and then have to be cut off. The docs are pretty amazing at cutting off just the bad pieces instead of the entire foot like they used to have to do, and we had several cases with live video from the OR to show us just that. One time they cut off a toe. Another time they cut off half a toe, and I'm not sure which one of those made me squirm the most. Totally crazy. Also got to watch a fem-pop bypass and the doc let the blood squirt everywhere just to show us how good a graft it was.

Still trying to decide what kind of nurse I want to be when I grow up. I was thinking dialysis, because I really like the idea of getting very specific, but I don't really like the idea of working MWF or TThS. Although once I had enough experience I could go to a hospital for acute dialysis which might be better. Thought about PACU, but I pretty much refuse to work on-call hours if I don't have to. (I did that as a temp for a while just out of college, and I HATED IT). Chemo doesn't really seen specific enough, but at least I'd still get to do floor hours as opposed to clinic hours. Maybe wound/ostomy. But I dunno, that might mean clinic work too. Anyway, I don't plan to leave my current floor until next Sept at the very earliest, so I've certainly got time to think about it.

Reason #653 I hate David:

We were lying on the couch and I was massaging his face with my feet, and by massaging I mean I was using my feet to make him make funny faces, which was of course very funny. And without missing a beat he said "Stop toe-menting me!". I hate people that can come up with instant puns, because I can't. He won because then I was laughing so hard I had to stop.

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