Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving and Christmas and birthdays and, yes, some TV

I had to work on Thanksgiving, which was actually fine because besides the whole time-and-a-half thing, I like working weekends and holidays where there are fewer doctors running around making my day busier by ordering lots of magnesium and potassium and blood and new PCAs. Oh wait, they did all of those things anyway. But still, it was quieter than usual. As an added bonus, David came in to shadow one of the techs in the morning. He was on a different floor, but I'm still trying to convince him to come work at the hospital so we can take vacations together and stuff. I think he liked it ok, but he hasn't really made up his mind yet what to do, his school just gave him this big award and are talking about promoting him because they love him so much. I agree he is practically perfect in every way, but I wish he would apply all that grace and goodness in the hospital instead. But I digress. As a third bonus, the hospital gave us a big free meal with all the trimmings, so David and I were able to go down and eat together. Of course, taking a break meant I was behind in my work for the rest of the day, but it was worth it.

When I finally got home that night David had a nice dinner waiting. But he didn't have time to do desert, so we were totally ghetto and went to the only place that was open, 7-11, and got some hostess donuts. They were horrible, but it was kind of funny which somehow made them taste better.

Yesterday we did a little Black Friday shopping, not much, just ran to Target. I had wanted to get him something for his b-day next Friday, but the thing I thought I wanted turned out not to be what I wanted once I got there and saw it. But the day after Thanksgiving is for more than just shopping. When we came home we pulled out all the decorations and started hanging lights! I love Christmas, it is my favorite thing. We got a bunch of new lights and other supplies at Target, and now we have lights in all but our bedroom windows, and also outside around our railing and doorway. We had on the Amy Grant christmas album, and had some egg nog, and the cinnamon candles were lit, so it was a veritable party for our eyes and noses and tongues and ears and was totally awesome in every way. Now we just have to get a tree, I'm hoping a lot opens up somewhere close, we have a few ideas of where to check. Then we will really be set, I love the smell of pine tree in my house.

I also have to confess that apparently I'm not as much of a Survivor addict as I thought. The last episode was one of those recap episodes, but even though they promised "14 new scenes never seen before!!!", I just couldn't care to watch. If no one new is going home, the stakes just aren't interesting enough. And for as much as I love Survivor, I love Christmas even more.

I will say the new Project Runway is fun, because they are all so super talented and super weird all together, and they say things like "Life is too short to wear a bad outfit". But the best TV is still "Pushing Daisies", I can't praise it enough. Every episode has at least one moment where we have to pause it because we are laughing so hard. Plus more singing this week. This is the one show where the writers strike is going to hurt me because I will miss it so much.

This is kind of a random babbling post, but sometimes I'm a random babbling guy. We are going to a play this afternoon. Then I work tomorrow. Lots of fun in store.


  1. OMG, I think that there must be some cosmic thing going on... Although we didn't work on Thursday and did have dessert (homemade pumpkin cheesecake with a pumpkin caramel topping. It's wonderful when you have a pastry chef in the family)... Yesterday, we went to Target bought some additional Christmas stuff, and then pulled all of the other stuff out of storage. Frosty and Pengy (the Penguin) are on the front porch. The Christmas music is playing. Most of the lights are up, although Jeffrey needs a new extension cord to hook up the snowflake lights and he hasn't hung the icicles on the porch, but it's getting close! I LOVE this time of year. We will also make a new card for our neighbors. We made one last year, but it was kind of cheesy and got warped when it rained.

    I still have the last two Pushing Daisy's to watch, but can't wait. Getting ready for Thanksgiving and then cooking all the food took a lot out of me. I am also recovering from three weeks without a solid day off. It's nice to have the past few days to do this stuff.

    We miss you, and even though we are planning a trip to Hawaii we still want to come visit in the spring. I suppose we could do what you did and stop by your place on our way to Hawaii, wait that's the wrong direction... :)

    Miss you!!!

  2. I passed on the Survivor recap as well. I'm not really interested in things that have already happened. And the ONLY bad thing about having to go to Italy this Thursday is that I will miss the next three episodes of Survivor which I believe means it will have ended by the time I get home and I'll have to be very careful about not hearing who won before I get all caught up.

    Life is tough, huh? :)