Saturday, September 1, 2007

Best comment at work yet...

A nurse I was following today said to our patient:

"Sir, your penis is already in my hand, so why don't I just finish up right now?"

Also, another male patient asked for a pregnancy test. For himself. Cause he was worried about it.

I love my job.


  1. Sounds like your patients are as crazy as mine. Like the dude this week that pulled his NGT out twice because, "It makes me nauseated." No prob, boss. Come to think of it, by the end of my shift, he looked liked he needed a pregnancy test. *sigh*

    Are you counting the days? Nineteen! They have a little vignette of "meet the cast" on the Survivor China website. I watched it yesterday. Can't wait!!!!

  2. Ok, if you are going to talk shop, you need to explain in layman's terms. Whats NGT? And while we're at it, why would the prescription drug ACTONEL have a side affect of joint (especially jaw) pain? (This is a test)

  3. It's too early for pharmacology questions for me, but NGT is a nasogastric tube. The irony of the situation is that they are usually placed to drain the stomach, and prevent nausea.

    Rob, Those kinda comments are why I love peds. Yesterday I played hide-and-seek with a 3 y.o. post heart op kid, and made a downs baby laugh and laugh. And then he crapped E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.

    Oh, and I just were in my dream last night- you AND David! I dreamt that my mom came to pick me u fro camping, and you and David and my old room-mate Eric were in the car and you all had post-NCLEX gifts for me. You guys gave me a poster that said something like "I hope I don't have to work for all that free money." ... Yeah, it made more sense to me in the dream, too.

  4. Actonel is prescribed to prevent osteoporosis. Its action inhibits bone resorption (slows down the natural process of bone breaking down and being regenerated). Because it acts on bone, side effects commonly include arthralgia (joint pain).

    I'm a pharm nerd. Thank Nancy Morton. I love her.

  5. Thank you Radha, now I don't have to look it up. And yes, I am counting the days to Survivor. I'm always scared to watch those previews though, they always give away too much, I like to be surprised.

    So what Colin, subconsciously all I am to you is a taxi-driver who gives you presents? Maybe I wanted to go camping too, did you ever think of that? ::grin::

  6. No, no, no. My MOM was driving. You and david were more like a santa-claus-esque welcoming commitee!

  7. Hey, thanks, Radha..... an answer I could even understand. Or is that even *I* could understand??? hmmm.....