Friday, September 14, 2007

Fun news

As a closet space nerd, I got a little excited about some fun news this week. Google, the company that seems to be doing just about everything these days, just announced a $30 million dollar competition for private companies to send a craft to the moon. With NASA so limited in what it can accomplish, I think it is a great idea to get private companies invested in space exploration. The very phrase "space tourism" fills me with joy - if I ever win the lottery, you shouldn't be surprised when I blow all my winnings on visiting the Russian space station or whatever. lol Anyway, Google rocks, and though I'm sure it will be years before anything really happens with this on a public level, I'm totally excited.

The other weird news for the week concerns a couple who set sail on their boat, with the intention of keeping out of sight of land for, get this, 1000 days. Their premise, beyond that I suppose they both REALLY LIKE sailing, is that someday when NASA sends a team to Mars, they will be in a cramped space for, roughly, 1000 days, and they decided to experiment on themselves to see if they go insane or not. They still have email via satellite phone, and maintain a websiteof course, so they aren't completely isolated. But still, we are talking 3+ years here! Bottom line, I think they are totally crazy, but in such a fun and exciting way that I forever love them for it. They have been out for 144 days so far. I haven't yet read their blog, but I hope they are the weird kind of scientists/adventurers over the sterile type, which would make for much more entertaining reading.

As crazy as it is what they are doing, I just have so much respect for people who find their bliss doing things 99% of the rest of us think are wacky. This trip took a lot of work to plan, prepare and make happen. I gotta respect that.


  1. my daughter wants to go to space someday. she's saving her weekly allowance and is trying to figure out how going to veterinary school will help her also become an astronaut (or just an inter-gallactic tourist). maybe you and michaela and lance bass can plan something together? me, on the other hand...after seeing apollo 13 too many times, i'm just afraid of not having duct tape and toilet paper rolls on board to fix where the oxygen tank has exploded so that re-entry is actually possible. but you guys go, take lots of pictures, and bring back snowglobes!

  2. Heh.... I can see right through this missive - Robb is just trying to get us (his parents) excited about or jealous of someone else who is excited about taking off for at least three years so he won't have to DEAL with us! You ain't got *me* fooled, Mr.!!!!