Saturday, March 7, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins, Episode 4 Recap

I wish I had more to say, but this was a typical early episode, with some decent challenges but without much defining character. I mean, there was some fun stuff for sure, and Coach continues to impress as the least self-aware self-help personality the show has perhaps ever seen. But this still seemed like a placeholder in what I anticipate is going to be a much more interesting season.

Cause, let's see, we have Erinn on the one team, who says she can't talk to people without crying about her recent breakup, so she just doesn't talk to people. Yeah, that is a great strategy for Survivor. While I'm pretty sure that Coach not liking someone means that I probably should, I just can't get into her, and won't be sad when she gets voted off, which I'm assuming/hoping will be very, very soon. Also, ruffles? You wore ruffles for Survivor?

On the other side we had the Old Crazy vs Hot Model going on, which was only marginally more interesting, as Old Crazy definitely qualifies as interesting. But the arguments and rationales are old, and didn't really matter either way at this stage in the game. I'll miss Sandy because she was interesting, but not because I thought she should have done better.

Then there is Team Secret. Now this, obviously, has the potential to be one of the best things ever in the game of Survivor. And I hate to say I just have this sinking feeling that it is going to fall apart before we get to the goods. Taj was awesome in reeling in City Slicker. "How would you like to be a part of Survivor history?". It doesn't get better than that. Brendan, on the other hand, just what, lost track of time or something and never bothered to let Sierra in on the plan. Too busy whittling a toothbrush out of fish bones or something I imagine. Taj sticks with the plan and picks Sierra for Exile, and by a stroke of luck Sierra still picks Taj to go with her (well, not just luck, but she still could have picked someone else on a whim and then what would have happened?) I can't believe Brendan almost threw it all away right there, but whatever. Taj talks Sierra into it though (like that would be hard), and on paper it seems like a brilliant move.

What worries me are that I'm not sure either Taj or Brendan are worthy of the power. The previews for next week show Taj flipping out, which is NEVER a good sign. (With Sandy gone, she is an obvious target in a team of young boys, though she is at least very strong.) And that Fake Mormon seems to figure things out indicates that either Brendan or Sierra are being bad actors on their own as well. I dunno, maybe I'm just trying to lower my expectations, but I'm worried I'm going to end up more disappointed than excited.

I fully expect things to pick up again soon. General rule of thumb is that the first four episodes are prologue. We've definitely had more fun than usual so far, but there are still just too many people around to get really good I guess. Fake Mormon tried to liven things up with a loin-cloth, not to mention another scripted line about wanting to see Erinn cry at Tribal, but both attempts fell rather flat. He's better when he is being spontaneous.

Oh, and what was up with Taj voting for Joe? If he finds out it was her she is in big trouble. If she is able to keep it secret, it might be interesting if he suspects someone else or if it just puts the idea into people's heads. But can you keep it a secret? I mean, people recognize their handwriting. Anyway, I can't wait to hear her rationale. Cause if she falls, Team Secret is in trouble, and Tom Sawyer is sitting pretty again.


  1. There wasn't much for me to love in this episode either. I'm hopeful for the secret alliance, but wonder if Sierra is going to be a weak link. I just can't read her. I need them to weed out a few more before I get really attached to anyone.

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  3. Turns out there wasn't much to her Joe vote after all. Weird, dumb move, but it doesn't seem, at this point, as though it's gonna come back and bite her.

    I won't miss Sandy. A little too kooky. Where's Lil when you need her?

    Just kidding - you never need her.