Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes We Can (eat you)

I'll have a post up a little later about my Inauguration fun, but I have to say, one of the best things about going to an event like this is the swag. Obama magnets, Obama shot-glasses, Obama lifesize cutouts. Stuff is everywhere. On the way to the event people along the route were selling homemade t-shirts and buttons from their porches. I think it is awesome, I mean, why not? Our NY couchsurfer said she had been seeing t-shirts that said things like "Baby Seals for Obama!". I sadly didn't see them, but at the event there were a couple of girls in French Can-Can dresses with a sign that said "Yes we can-can!"

David and I found the best one though. At the Safeway, no less. Obama cookies. We bought some for all our guests (there were nine of us total), and believe it or not they were much better tasting than they look. I wonder how long they will keep selling them?

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  1. Ok, I was in Chicago this week. Talk about Obama stuff!!! News stands, airport shops, hotel gift shops - everywhere!!!
    And then.... my taxi driver was a Syrian Christian who talked and talked (kept me in front of the hotel for 35 minutes) telling me (among other things) about how Americans need to be GRATEFUL and PATRIOTIC. He was inspirational!! Said his forefathers were beheaded for their faith in his native country and how could he not honor his heritage? So so so interesting.