Friday, May 25, 2007

Mission Statement

So I'm starting a blog. I just have all this extra time with nothing to do lately, and figured what better to do than waste lots of time working on a new project?

That is a lie. I do that sometimes. But it isn't nefarious, think more "endearing rascal".

The truth is, once again, my life is in glorious turmoil. I've had an outbreak of my recurrent geographic instability, and am once again moving a few thousand miles away to a city I'd never been to before my job interview. The reason for that job interview was that I have just graduated from nursing school, which itself stemmed from a decision to leave New York City to find a career other than being a professional theatre actor. Hmmm. Perhaps someday when I'm bored I'll try and tidy that sentance up into a more thoughtful retrospective. But for now let's look forward, shall we?

I'm pretty bad at writing emails, they usually come in Christmas recaps in the form of a mass email. And I seem unable to stop meeting you totally rad people whom I want to be friends with. Y'all rock. So now with this you'll have one stop shopping to get the latest updates. As a bonus you may also get some photos, and probably occasional rantings about my questionable taste in reality television. (Melinda Doolittle almost made me cry of happiness.) I always reserve the right to get nostalgic and give some back story, or, contrary-wise, get a fire in my pants and start making future travel plans. And considering that I will shortly be living in Washington DC, you'll probably get some political rants from time to time. [Freedom = good! Torture = bad.) But since the only qualification I have for talking politics is that I'm just another dork with computer access, I promise not to be too heavy-handed. See, I did it again. Lie. I mean, I am a dork, that part is the truth, but I really shouldn't make promises I might not be able to keep in an election year. But since I tend to be more of a centrist with heavy libertarian tendancies, both parties take ample opportunity to tick me off, so I may be an equal-opportunity offender. I guess time will tell. heh

But mostly I'm just a ridiculously lucky guy, that so far has had little reason to lose the optimism. If you want to come along for the ride, well, now you know where I am.


  1. Rob, you used "Ya'll"!

    I'm sorry i'll be gone when you leave ABQ... I think I must have caught some of that "Geographical-locational-impairment" bug, too, since I'm siting in Auckland, NZ, right now.

    Keep an open couch for me. You never know when I'll show up and make you take shots with me again.

  2. You're welcome anytime Colin. And I totally plan on always living in places that are worth visiting. ::grin::