Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guide books

This kind of a trip is exactly the kind of thing that is going to keep my typing like mad on this blog, so come back every so often if you're interested in how things progress. We have a lot of planning to do of course, from packing lists to itineraries to figuring out what stuff to keep and where to keep it while we are gone and how we are going to do our taxes from Honduras and so on. (Since I am a money nerd, I just spent an hour calculating the difference between storing our stuff in DC compared to storing it in Vegas or just selling all the furniture on Craigslist, and still haven't made a decision.) And heck, this is me and David we are talking about here, so it is always possible that one of the jobs I applied for already is going to call and make an offer I can't refuse which could completely change our plans around again. But hey, it is all part of the ride with us. We might change our minds a lot, but we tend to go full steam ahead with whichever plan we're working on at the time. Sucking the marrow and all that.

Anyway, on Sunday when we made the decision, we got on Amazon and ordered the Lonely Planet Guide to the Yucatan, and The Rough Guide's Central America On A Budget. (We had a huge sack of coins, and at the Coinstar machine if you get your money back as a gift certificate, you don't have to pay the 9% fee. So hello $160 Amazon gift card, which since change is virtually useless by itself was practically free!) To my surprise they just arrived, so Amazon is on my happy list for promptness. Fun reading in store!


  1. Just to make things interesting (as if you don't know how to do that).... store your stuff at some little town between DC and Vegas .... find the most inexpensive. Who knows what kind of future great story will come of it?

  2. Another suggestion for storing things is a POD. They will deliver it to your house. You fill it with your stuff and they will store it. Once you decide where you are going to land they will deliver the pod to your new city. Also storage is only likfe 100 bucks per month.

  3. We are doing a pod, although a budget name brand. We'll move it to a storage facility in Vegas though, which should be cheaper than $100 a month, we are hoping for about $70.