Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everything good must come to an end...

Our last early morning bus ride.  Though perhaps nostalgic, we went with the cheap option ($9 for a five hour ride) that left 90 minutes earlier, so it was also the least comfortable of our Peru busses, although still arguably better than most of the busses we took in Central America.  We are now back in Lima, just waiting for our 12:30am flight tonight to LAX, with a layover in Mexico City.

We had planned to see some museums (there is an old convent literally decorated with artistically arranged human bones from the catacombs), but David woke up feeling a bit ill, so we´ve just kept close to the hostel today.  We did go out for lunch, where I finally was able to order anticuchos, which is beef hearts cooked on a skewer.  They were delicious!  I expected such a strong muscle to be tough, but it was actually very tender.

Lima is grey and foggy, which is typical for this time of year.  We were just lucky that we had so much sunshine when we first came through.  But we are enjoying the coolness, as Las Vegas is forcasted to be 110 degrees tomorrow.  Welcome home!

This afternoon on TV we watched the second Harry Potter in spanish.  We had seen the first one months ago as well.  Kids movies in spanish, especially one you`ve seen before, isn`t a bad way to practice the language.  Unfortunately, Harry Potter has all that dang magic language, making it a poor choice I suppose.  Still it was that or Law and Order, and I can´t watch that show no matter how desperate I am for something to do.  And it was even in english!

We are both a little shell shocked that we are actually coming home.  With unlimited money and a ticket to another country, we could easily stay out longer.  But truth be told, we are also ready to come home.  I keep talking other people out here into becoming a nurse (best career ever), and I don´t mind saying I miss it.  Also I´m ready to play with all those neices and nephews at home, including a brand new baby girl I´ll get to meet tomorrow!  I don´t know where we are going to end up, we´ve got six cities on our possibilities list, but I do plan on sending out applications right away and we´ll see who wants to hire me.  Let me know if you know someone who is a nurse recruiter, or a nurse who works in the OR or oncology, which are the two specialties I am most interested in pursuing at the moment.  You never know where a job might come from!

Once I get home and start getting organized again, I´ll start posting pictures from Peru, and maybe get some Top Ten type lists or something like that up.  I´m sure going through all those pictures is going to bring back a lot of memories.  Cancun was only six months ago, but it seems so much longer, we have really managed to do a lot in these six months!

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